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Voyager Pass

Voyager Pass is a membership NFT collection that offers free in-app perks, an exclusive community identity, airdrop rewards, private sale whitelist access, and priority access to partner project campaigns.

Eligibility of discount:

Voyager Journey NFT and Base Friends Galxe OAT holders can enjoy the discount on minting your first pass NFT.
If you have one of the NFTs, you get 10% off.
If you have two of the NFTs, you get 30% off.
If you have all three of the NFTs, you get 50% off.
Supply: 2855
Mint Price: 0.03ETH
1 - Genesis Crew
2 - Tokens Airdrop
3 - Private Sale WL
4 - PFP
Supply: 1800
Mint Price: 0.05ETH
1 - Genesis Vessel
2 - Tokens Airdrop+
3 - Private Sale WL
4 - PFP+
5 - Seasonal Rewards
Supply: 900
Mint Price: 0.07ETH
1 - Genesis Vessel++
2 - Genesis Crews++
3 - Tokens Airdrop++
4 - Private Sale WL
5 - PFP++
6 - Seasonal Rewards
7 - Closed-door sessions
8 - Priority access
🔵 Blue: Begin your adventure as a Blue Voyager and enjoy a range of exciting perks:
  • Genesis Crew: Discover rare treasures that will enhance your cosmic journey.
  • Airdrop Rewards: Receive a generous allocation of $FOCUS tokens to fuel your interstellar ventures.
  • Private Sale Whitelist Access: Secure your spot in the private sale of $FOCUS, the governance token of Vaissel.
Silver: Elevate your status as a Silver Voyager and receive all the benefits of the Blue Tier, plus:
  • Enhanced In-App Perks: Unlock epic Genesis Vessel for even more thrilling encounters.
  • Increased $FOCUS Airdrop: Enjoy a greater allocation of $VOLO and $FOCUS tokens to support your cosmic ambitions.
  • Exclusive Private Sale Whitelist Access: Gain priority access to the $FOCUS private sale opportunity.
  • Enjoy seasonal rewards and access to special events.
🔶 Gold: Ascend to the pinnacle of Voyager Pass as a Gold Voyager, embracing the apex of exclusive privileges:
  • Legendary Genesis Vessel and Crews: Acquire the most coveted and powerful cosmic assets in your collection.
  • VIP $FOCUS Airdrop: Receive the highest allocation of $VOLO and $FOCUS tokens, fueling your ascent to the stars.
  • Elite Private Sale Whitelist Access: Secure your place at the forefront of $FOCUS private sale participation.
  • Exclusive participation in closed-door sessions, where you can shape the future of our platform and ecosystem.
  • VIP treatment at special events and personalized seasonal rewards.
  • Priority access to new app features and the power to shape the future of Vaissel.
With each tier of the Voyager Pass, you'll receive a unique Elite Captain Club PFP of varying rarity, adding an extra layer of distinction to your cosmic identity.