Vaissel is a Web3 Focus-to-earn lifestyle app that rewards users for staying focused. Rewards include in-game resources and a redeemable item called Vorantium. Users can set a duration and put down their phones to focus on what's important in real life during that period.

The word Vaissel comes from the old French word "vaisselle". Vaissel is also pronounced like the English word "vessel", which is defined as a craft used for transporting people or goods.

In Vaissel, each focus is a journey. Every new user is provided with a canoe, enabling them to embark on their voyage immediately. If any new user is interested in Web3 and is willing to pay the gas fee, they can claim a simple boat for free, which is also a non-transferable NFT. This provides them with the opportunity to explore the world of Web3 and all its possibilities.

Besides the free vessel, more advanced vessels can be crafted using in-game resources and $VOLO. These more advanced vessels will yield more Vorantium upon completion of their voyage. Boats can accommodate up to four crew members, each with their own special abilities. The reward for each journey is determined by the strength of both the vessel and its crew.

The crew can be obtained by opening a mysterious box, which can be purchased in-game with either $VOLO or ETH. Users can purchase specific crews and vessels directly from NFT markets if they are available.

At its core, Vaissel is a productivity app that uses gamification to encourage healthy productivity habits. It employs powerful gamification techniques to make productivity enjoyable.

The whitepaper outlines the app and reward mechanics, tokenomics, long-term sustainability, and other key features that will be essential in the future.

Disclaimer: Please note that, as the app is still in its early alpha stage, gameplay, tokenomics, and other features outlined in the whitepaper may be subject to change.

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