Focus Rewards

In Vaissel, users receive in-game rewards for successfully completing a voyage. They set a focus time and must not use their phone during that period. If they do, the voyage fails, and they receive no rewards.

There are five in-game rewards.

Vorantium - A rare and valuable mineral that is found only on a select few planets in the galaxy.

Fuzionator - A device that fuses particles together to create a powerful energy source for the vessel.

Orbiscan - A device that scans the surrounding area for nearby planets and asteroids, providing valuable information to the crew.

Cogitron - A device that uses advanced artificial intelligence to control various vessel systems and provide real-time tactical analysis.

Ultrawarp - A device that creates a temporary space-time warp around the vessel, allowing it to travel faster than light.

Vorantium is an essential resource in Vaissel. Users can redeem Vorantium for $VOLO.

Fuzionator, Orbiscan, Cogitron, and Ultrawarp can be used to craft vessels and gears.

The number of rewards users can receive per voyage depends on two factors: the duration of their focus and the attributes of the vessel and crew.

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